General FAQs

There are symbols on the roads... what do they mean and where do I go for parking?
The green symbol is for traders to follow. The public are advised to head for the main entrance unless otherwise stated on road signs leading up to the venue. Different car parks have different symbols and drivers will be instructed throughout the day which sign to follow.

The weather suggests rain... is the event still on?
The event will be going ahead as planned. The weather forecast is partly cloudy with outbreaks of rain. Please bring sensible footwear and a brolly for shelter from the changing conditions.

Will there be seating available on site?
We suggest, for those who wish to be seated they bring their own chairs or picnic rugs?

Will there be food available to buy?
A number of catering outlets will be offering a wide variety of meals and drinks.

What is happening on the day?
Alongside a busy market place and food outlets, there will be a pageant with 5000 school children, music and entertainment, indoor exhibitions and plenty more to see and do.

Can't I just turn up on the day, as it's a free event?
Entrance is by ticket only, so please don't turn up without a ticket as it could cause excessive traffic and delays for people entering the site.

I have a family member who is in the pageant and thought I would be automatically be sent a ticket – why wasn't I told I had to register?
Schools have been informing parents and carers of children involved in the pageant that they needed to register for tickets, and we have tried to ensure that all media coverage had made it clear that people needed to register.

We don't want anyone to miss out, but we have to limit numbers to avoid overcrowding and excessive congestion accessing the site.

Will there be any future opportunities to get tickets?
At this stage, no, but we will try to make more tickets available if the opportunity arises, although there is no guarantee that we will be able to do so.

Surely having 35,000 people travelling to RAF Cosford on a weekday is going to cause major traffic disruption – how are you going to mitigate that?
A traffic plan is being worked on, based on the established systems used for the Cosford Air Show which often attracts more than 35,000 people, so we are confident that everyone will be able to access the site safely. However, some traffic disruption will be unavoidable so we do ask for drivers to be patient and find alternative routes on that morning if possible.

Will I definitely be able to see The Queen?
The Queen will drive through the site from a reception in the RAF Museum, and will then watch the pageant from a secure area as is traditional at these kinds of events. The intention is that everyone will be able to see The Queen at some stage, but unfortunately there is no guarantee that everyone will necessarily get a good view. However, the pageant will be filmed and shown on big video screens, so you should get a good viewing experience of the event wherever you are on the site.

Will I be able to visit the RAF Museum during the day?
No, the RAF Museum - including the National Cold War Exhibition - will be closed to the public during the day.